Artists of the collection

The art historian and collector Helge Gerken has built up his collection of contemporary art over the course of several decades, which is accessible to the public in the ‘museum schloessle’ and the former ‘galerie gerken’ in Berlin through alternating exhibitions.

His passion for the discovery and promotion of young art has led to the creation of a rather remarkable collection. He particularly values fair collaboration between himself and relevant galleries, which bring the artists forward. This makes it possible to, for example, bring the exhibitions of represented artists into state museums. Helge Gerken knows how to, with short sentences and quotes, point to respective artistic personalities. He gives the opening speeches to his exhibitions himself, with exceptional commitment and a seriousness characteristic of an art historian.


Kinki Texas
Johanna K Becker
Peter Feiler
Hirofumi Fujiwara
Lou Mouw
Jan Bernstein
Daniel Rossi
Karin Salathé
Felix Schlenker
Esther Sibinde
Ph. Strobel
Arnulf Struck
Stefan Rohrer
Anja Fußbach
Tinka Bechert

Zeljko Rusic
Armin Göhringer
Dieter Mammel
Helga Gerken-Grieshaber
Jenny Brockmann
Michael Schoenholtz
Nanako Shikata
Michael Wutz
Norbert Stockhus
Patrick Luetzelschwab
Peter Tomschiczek
Peter Wackernagel
Tegene Kunbi
Svenja Schüffler
Werner Pokorny

A small selection of artists, whose work is represented in the art collection.